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Part One: Did you Know that your Air Purifier is Lying to You?

To begin with, let me just say that this isn’t one of those click-baiting headlines that brings you here and sells you stuff – this is the real deal! Believe it or not, your air purifier is actually lying to you! There are two aspects or features where marketing lingo is misguiding you – the […]

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Locked Cabin and Poisonous Fumes – That’s an Airplane for You!

Have you ever felt unwell after a plane ride? Probably not after every flight, but you might find yourself slightly under the weather every now and then – especially after long flights. It’s not uncommon – almost 65% of all air travelers, pilots and cabin-crew have reported health issues. In fact, 13% of around 274 […]

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The Air Quality in your Car is Hazardous to your Health

As we roll through the city in our cars, we raise the windows and switch on the air-conditioners to control the air quality inside. The temperature’s cool and we can’t smell the pollution outside – that makes us feel safe and protected from the air pollution right outside out windows. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further […]

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