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Part Two: Did you Know that your Air Purifier is Lying to You?

How efficient is your air purifier when it comes to cleaning the air you’re breathing? After discussing the flaws in air quality indicators that air purifiers generally have, its time to move the next marketing gimmick – Clean Air Delivery Rate! The first step is to understand what Clean Air Delivery Rate or CADR actually […]

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So Many Monitors, No Real Solutions!

Here’s how the process usually works – when you start feeling unwell, you go to a doctor. The doctor conducts some tests, gets the results, tells you what the problem is, and prescribes you medication to get better. Here’s how the process does not work – when you start feeling unwell, you go to a […]

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10-Things about Ionizers that No One Ever Tells You

Ionizers are flooding the market, accompanied by some spectacular statements about the magical air-purification quality they bring to your homes and cars. You’re getting massively expensive air purifiers that are providing Ionizers as part of their “new” and “improved” features. A host of tiny, USB-powered Ionizers are coming in for cars while companies are manufacturing […]

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