So Many Monitors, No Real Solutions!

Here’s how the process usually works – when you start feeling unwell, you go to a doctor.

The doctor conducts some tests, gets the results, tells you what the problem is, and prescribes you medication to get better.

Here’s how the process does not work – when you start feeling unwell, you go to a doctor.

The doctor conducts some tests, gets the results, and tells you what the problem is.

Then, you go back home – back to your pain and suffering.

Apparently, the latter is how things work here in India because when it comes to Air Pollution, there aren’t enough measures being taken to ensure solving the problem.

What is the Problem?

First, let us clearly state that the problem here is Air Pollution.

We know that it’s there!

That’s done!

We agree.

Let’s move on.

We all know that there’s air pollution – even if one single monitor placed in one part of the city shows the kind of air pollution that we have here in India, we know that the air is polluted!

It’s not marginal by any means – when India pollutes air, we go for the motherload!

If the universal standard for poor air quality is 100, we hit a million before anyone notices anything.

If it hadn’t been for the Supreme Court banning fire crackers during Diwali 2017, we wouldn’t have had the conversation we are having today.

You need monitoring – there is no doubt about it – but monitoring is not as important as reducing air pollution is.

However, governments are busy setting up air pollution monitoring stations in various parts of the city and passing it off as part of their fight against air pollution!

Monitors do not Fight Air Pollution

If you wanted to prevent/cure fevers or sickness, you wouldn’t go out and buy thermometers.

Sure, thermometers can give you the information that you’re sick but once you know that, you need medication!

When it comes to air pollution though, people seem to be a lot more relieved by just “buying thermometers”, so much so that they are not interested in buying medication.

What our air pollution problem needs is a lot more fighting – both at the individual and institutional level.

We need to have a system in place where people are fighting air pollution in their homes, with air purifiers, and also bringing about a change at work or at their child’s school.

Then there’s the other bit – your work – where you can be instrumental in reducing the pollution in your place of work.

If you have an office setup that contributes to air pollution, just finding out how to reduce emissions at source can really contribute to bettering air quality.

The one thing you don’t want to do is stop at installing air pollution monitors.

Finding out about the problem is important but the problem is, knowing the problem alone does not alleviate it.

You have to do something about it and the only thing you can do is install air purification devices.

Sure, you can wait for the government to do that for you but choosing to breathe polluted air just because you are waiting on someone – not a very smart decision.

Take action today and get yourself some top-quality air purifiers and give yourself, your family and colleagues a much better, healthier life.

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