Locked Cabin and Poisonous Fumes – That’s an Airplane for You!

Have you ever felt unwell after a plane ride?

Probably not after every flight, but you might find yourself slightly under the weather every now and then – especially after long flights.

It’s not uncommon – almost 65% of all air travelers, pilots and cabin-crew have reported health issues.

In fact, 13% of around 274 pilots observed in the study reported chronic health problems, even leading to death.

These figures are from a couple of studies conducted by Public Health Panorama, in Britain.

The reason: Airplanes feed you a combination of Recycled Air and Bleed Air – the latter being air that comes in from outside of the airplane cabin – which can contain engine oil, hydraulic fluid or de-icing fluids that are found outside the plane.

Those who travel once or twice in a month, or fly short distances, may not feel the difference – frequent flyers are more at risk – especially the cabin and flight crew.

If you’ve ever felt dizzy on an airplane, or had visual or breathing issues, it is quite likely that some form of oil or fluid leakage is seeping into the airplane cabin.

Repeated low levels of exposure to such chemicals and contaminants will lead to serious health ailments over time – and something that doctors fail to attribute to those pollutants.

But you don’t have to spend thousands to travel on an airplane to breathe in such a deadly combination of fumes – your car also does it for you.

Every time you step inside your car and shut its doors, you feel safe!

Rain doesn’t come in, you cannot feel the wind; the Sun stays out, and elements don’t seem to affect you.

But they do!

Every time you open your car door, you are letting polluted air inside. Every time you shut that door – the pollution stays locked in!

Modern cars, with their top-quality insulation may keep noise out, but they also keep all those pollutants locked in.

The result – you are breathing in chemicals and toxins like Benzene, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxides, Toulene and much more!

You can easily tell when you are breathing in too many VOCs – you start feeling drowsy or your eyes, nose and throat get irritated or begin to burn!

The biggest tell-tale sign of VOCs in your car – The smell of polluted air!

What’s more, even brand-new cars contain a wide range of VOCs that come out of the fabrics, the vinyl, foam cushions, adhesives, and sealants.

In hot countries like India, the situation is worse as heat not only accelerates the emission process, it also leads to greater emission quantities – so more VOCs in your car!

So while you are sitting there worrying about Particulate Matter and how much PM2.5 is in the air, you don’t even realise that you are quietly breathing in elements that are a million times worse than any PM that you are breathing in!

In airplanes, you are reliant on the organization running those flights to cater to your air-quality needs, but in your car and home, you are the master!

Why aren’t you taking action there?

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