Here are a bunch of questions that we are asked most often about Cair. In case your question didn’t make the list, please click here to send it to us and we’ll get back to you with an answer!

Question: How does Cair purify air?

Answer: We’ve explained the science behind Cair’s ability to purify air naturally in our “How Cair Works” section.

Question: What does Cair contain?

Answer: Cair contains pure Activated Coconut Charcoal as the primary ingredient. There is an additional fiber-filtration shell that surrounds this Activated Coconut Charcoal and the whole thing is enclosed within a tin-container.

Question: Does Cair really purify air?

Answer: Since the ancient Egyptian civilizations (3150 BC), humans have known about charcoal’s ability to purify air and water. Since the industrial revolution, charcoal has been the primary purification agent for air and water. It is widely used in gas masks, industrial air purifiers, home and industrial water purifiers, and high-pollution industries.

Cair works on the same principle, using a better quality of ingredients, providing a higher grade of protection when it comes to purifying the air around it.

Question: My room freshener spray gets rid of bad odour too! What’s so great about Cair?

Answer: Actually, your room freshener spray does not get rid of any bad odour – it simply masks them! Room fresheners are not a solution – they are way of ignoring the problem. The ‘problem’, here is bad odour and your room freshener only overpowers the smell of the bad odour, temporarily.

For example: if you have a smelly shoe in the room, you can spray the room freshener and the shoe-smell will be masked by a nice fragrance. However, the moment the room freshener’s temporary smells disappears, the shoe-smell will be back!

Cair, unlike room fresheners, does not mask the odour – it adsorbs the odour molecules and prevents them from escaping. The more odour molecules the air contains, the stronger the smell is. Over time, Cair adsorbs all the odour molecules, leaving the air odour-free!

Question: Does Cair remove particulate matter from the air too?

Answer: No – Cair does not remove physical particles from the air as your air conditioner is doing that already. Cair only works on a molecular level, something that other air purifiers and air conditioners don’t do!

Question: What can Cair do that other Air Purifiers cannot?

Answer: There are several benefits that Cair offers over regular commercial air purifiers.

  • Cair utilizes natural raw materials that are processed naturally – air purifiers generally contain a host of chemicals that purify the air, but also release other harmful agents
  • Air Purifiers only focus on particulate pollutants in air – Cair removes chemical toxins and bad odour by adsorbing those molecules
  • Air Purifiers are generally large, bulky and expensive – both to buy and run. Cair doesn’t require any electricity and the natural, sustainable raw materials ensure that the cost remains low at all times
  • Air purifiers require regular, expensive maintenance over time. Without it, they can break down or, worse, leak their harmful chemicals into the air. Cair has no such hassles – there’s no question of a leak or spill, and even if you do manage to break the container, the contents are completely natural and harmless
  • Cair removes over 230-different pollutants, odours and chemical toxins from the air. Air purifiers are limited to particulate matter

Question: What about my air conditioner? It has special filters to tackle polluted air too!

Answer: Your air conditioners have something called an HEPA filter. “HEPA” stands for High Efficiency Particulate Absorber – which essentially means that your air conditioner’s filter is designed to stop particulate matter that are up to 0.3 µm in size.

What that means is that when your air conditioner sucks in air from your room, it’s filter catches things like pet dander, dust, allergens, etc. And that’s about it – again, chemical toxins, odour, etc. which exist on a molecular level are left untouched.

What’s more, those HEPA filters need to be cleaned out and every time you see some dust fly off of it, that’s more of those particulate pollutants returning to the air around you.

Question: How can I know that Cair is working?

Answer: The best way to know how well Cair is working is to get an air-quality monitoring device. There are a variety of devices that allow you to check for humidity, refrigerant gases, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, Chlorine, Hydrogen Sulfide, Sulfur Dioxide and other harmful gases.

Use these devices to measure the content of harmful chemicals in your home before using Cair, then measure after a certain time-period to notice the difference in air quality.

Question: We don’t have access to these air-quality testing meters. How can we trust Cair?

Answer: If you cannot test for the quality of air in your home, we have a bunch of independent agency/lab studies that showcase the effectiveness of our product. These tests have been conducted by organizations/educational institutions of international repute.

These tests will show that Cair actually works quite well in reducing the amount of pollutants (bad odour and chemical toxins) you have in the air around you.

Question: How soon can I start seeing results with Cair?

Answer: Cair is a natural product that utilizes top quality raw materials providing world class air purification. However, there are several other factors that can contribute to its air-purification speed:

  • Size of Room: Cair comes with a rating-system that indicates the kind of space it is appropriate for. If you have a larger room, you might need to add additional Cair packages in various parts of the room
  • Air Quality: Once Cair is placed in a particular area, it starts cleaning the air in that area. However, if the air in that area is constantly being re-polluted, Cair’s effectiveness will appear slower. For e.g. Cair removes almost 75% of Carbon Monoxide present in cigarette smoke within 5-seconds of exposure to air that contains cigarette smoke (see lab studies). However, if more cigarettes are being smoked in that area over time, the Carbon Monoxide content is constantly being replenished and that takes longer to clean-up
  • Air Flow: If you have a closed room/area with strong air-flow inside, Cair will clean up air faster as more air passes through the container every second. If the room is open, more outside-pollutants are added to the air constantly. If there is limited or no airflow in the room/area, air will flow through Cair slower and that will lower cleaning speed too
  • Natural vs Mechanical: Cair is a natural product and all natural products work gradually – not instantly like magic. As a result, it is very important that you give Cair a fair run-in before making your judgement. Even though you might not be able to see it, Cair will be making significant improvements to the air around you within 24-hours. Get an air-quality measurement device to truly understand how well Cair is working.

Question: Is Cair safe to place amidst food containers or inside a refrigerator?

Answer: Yes, it is! Activated charcoal has long been used as an antidote to poisoning. Activated charcoal capsules are consumed orally, and when the capsule exterior dissolves in the stomach, the activated charcoal begins absorbing the poison and slowly removing it from the human body.

That said, if the container is damaged, broken or its contents are spilling out, please do not place it near food items. Only place a structurally sound container in food-related spaces.

Question: I placed Cair in the Kitchen to counter food-smells, but it doesn’t seem to be helping!

Answer: If you place Cair in a location where odour or chemical toxins are constantly being released, the clean-up effect will be slower than a place where the odour/toxins are released just once. In kitchens, food is cooked over and over again (as it does in most kitchens), sending odour and toxins into the air.

Each time you cook, more pollutants are being added to the air and that replenishes the pollutant content in the air. The cooking-downtime is when Cair does some of its best work.

Question: How long does a Cair box last?

Answer: In a normal scenario, Cair continues to work for at least 3-months. However, if you live in a high-pollution area, near a main road or have few trees around your home, you might need to replace each tin more frequently.

Each Activated Coconut Charcoal granule has a certain number of pores. Once all those pores are filled with contaminants, there’s no more space to store more and it needs to be replaced.

On the flip-side, if you have a closed area, with very little contaminants in the air, then you will find that a Cair tin will do its job for a much longer period, requiring fewer replacements each year.

Question: I would like to place Cair tins all over my office. Where can I buy them?

Answer: Sounds like you really care about the health of your employees! Get in touch with us here and we’ll set things up for you.

Question: I placed Cair in my car – I cannot smell my car perfume now!

Answer: One of the things about Cair is that it only identifies odour – it doesn’t distinguish between good and bad. While your car perfume smell will definitely be adsorbed, there is a possibility that the constant presence of that perfume in your vehicle will keep replenishing the good smell you desire.

That said, even if the good smell is gone, imagine how well it must be working on the bad odours and chemical toxins in your car! Your car just became safer!

Question: Some of the chemicals listed sound complicated. How can these get into my home or car?

Answer: One of the biggest reasons people do not take any measures to protect themselves from various chemicals and toxins is because we cannot see them. For example, Benzene is released into your home’s air from building materials, cigarette smoke, furniture polishes/coatings, adhesives, wood panels and plyboard, heating and cooking systems, outdoor traffic and much more.

Another dangerous chemical, Hydrogen Sulfide, which has an effect similar to cyanide or carbon monoxide in high quantities, comes into your home from waste in your toilets (animal and human), from trash, through tap water, and petroleum, amongst other sources.

You will be surprised to know that a large number of things that we use around the house (like toilet cleaners, floor cleaners, washing soaps, oils, tools, etc.) contain a number of harmful chemicals that are released into the air each time we use them.

A lot of these chemicals are known carcinogens (cancer-causing elements)!

Question: Once I place Cair in the desired spot, do I need to do anything else? Are there any other steps involved?

Answer: Unless you live in a closed environment where air molecules do not flow in and out of the room, it is improbable that you will achieve perfect air. Due to inherent flaws in our construction methods, no place is 100% sealed off enough to hold a vacuum (unless specifically designed for it) – even though it might seem like it is.

Essentially, Cair is ideal for removing chemical toxin and bad odour molecules from the air around you, but it does not remove and physical particulates from the air.

We are in the process of designing and developing a complete air-purification system that not only deals with chemical toxins and bad odour, but also has an HEPA filter to handle minute particulate pollutants.

Question: Do you sell Cair only in bulk quantities or can I buy individual tins as well?

Answer: At the moment, Cair is primarily being sold to organizations and large establishments in bulk. Soon, we will be releasing Cair to retail outlets and make it available on the website as well.

Keep checking our Facebook page for latest updates on availability in your area.

If you did not find the answer to the question you had in mind, then please get in touch with us!